The Norfolk Island Museum reveals to you Norfolk’s amazing and multi-layered stories.  Famous for its colourful history, the island was first settled by Polynesians, then in 1788 by the British who later made it a strict penal settlement.  Since 1856 it has been home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers and the Tahitian women.  Located in a number of heritage buildings in the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area our museums and research centre help you explore our turbulent past as well as today's living culture.

The R.E.O. Museum is the place to begin your visit to the site and purchase a book, souvenir or refreshment.

The museums include the Pier Store Museum, Commissariat Store Museum, HMS Sirius Museum and No.10 Quality Row house museum, explore them at your own pace with the Museum Pass - includes multiple entries to all four museums at any time during your stay as well as two guided tours.

Visit the Research Centre to access general history resources and view the Kingston and Arthurs Vale DVD documentary – fees apply.

Hours of Operation

All Museums: Monday to Saturday 11am – 3pm
The Research Centre: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 11am – 3pm; Wednesday 9am – 5pm
The Pier Store Museum: Monday to Saturday 11am – 3pm; Sunday 11am – 3pm
The R.E.O. Museum shop and information centre: Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm

For Whom the Bell Tolls – Stories from Norfolk Island cemetery tour operates Tuesday and Friday 11.30am

Fees and Charges

  • Official Research Request (includes report and documentation): $50 per topic for two hours
  • Official Research Request: for any additional hours over two hours is charged $20 per hour per topic
  • Assisted Research: $15 for one hour per topic
  • Assisted Research: Any additional work over one hour is charged $20 per hour per topic
  • $1 per A4 B&W photocopy
  • $2 per A3 B&W photocopy

Norfolk Island Museum Trust Members
Peter Horrocks (Chair)
Bruce Walker (Secretary)
Jeanine Snell (Treasurer)
Lisa Richards
Miles Howe
Rhonda Griffiths
Maree Evans
Janelle Blucher

Contact Us

Team Leader Tourism & Heritage
Pier Store
Kingston Norfolk Island 2899

+6723 23788
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