Waste Management Advisory Committee

The Waste Management Advisory Committees primary role is to review and advise Council on the waste management strategy, including the goal to stop the current practice of burning and dumping waste at Headstone.

The advisory committee provides advice on reviewing the waste management strategy, prepares reports on the waste management facilities and assets, prepares reports on the management of waste streams, reviews the cost of waste management, and makes recommendations to the Norfolk Island Regional Council.

The committee consists of a maximum of eight voting members, including:

  • The Mayor
  • One Councillor
  • One representative from EcoNorfolk
  • Two representatives from the Tourism Accommodation
  • One representative from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Two community members
The Committee meets on a monthly basis on the first Monday of the month at 4:00pm.
When positions become available on Council advisory committees, an advert calling for expressions of interest is placed in the local newspaper.
For more information on advisory committees contact customercare [at] nirc.gov.nf (subject: Advisory%20Committee%20Information) (Customer Care)