Manager and Team Leader Listing

Position Title Name
General Manager Lotta Jackson
Team Leader Heritage Management Helen Brackin
Team Leader Tourism and Economic Management Rose Evans
Group Manager Corporate / Chief Financial Officer Phillip Wilson
Team Leader Finance Kelly Quintal
Manager Customer Care Leanne Webb
Team Leader Information Technology Peter Hughson
Team Leader Registry, Courts and Lands Allan Bataille
Group Manager Services Bruce Taylor
Senior Strategic Planner Jodie Brown
Manager Infrastructure Services Alan Buckley
Team Leader Waste and Environment Peter Wilson
Team Leader Public Works and Depot Malcolm Snell
Team Leader KAVHA James Quintal
Team Leader Fire Service` Gerri Downie
Manager Commercial Services Alistair Innes-Walker
Team Leader Electricity John Christian
Team Leader Telecom Michael Donohoe
Manager Liquor Bond Howard Martin
Manager Airport Operations Anthony Allan
Executive Manager Governance and Human Resources Joy Walker
Executive Manager Organisational Development Alan Hollway
Manager Planning and Environmental Services Murray Thompson
Senior Environment Officer Jim Castles
State Services Delivery Coordinator Benny Ford