As the community would be aware, Norfolk Island is experiencing a period of extremely dry conditions and restrictions have had to be placed on community water supplies in Kingston and Headstone. Although the recent rain has settled the dust these supplies will continue to be restricted.

Water restrictions are common practice in most parts of the world when rain is scarce, and it is essential that we have availability of water. In times like this it clearly shows that we need to manage our water supply better. The dry weather has also shown how heavily our community relies on a finite ground water supply.

As a result, Council will begin work on immediate, mid- and long-term solutions to ensure future water security on Norfolk Island.

The watering of lawns and gardens and washing cars from any source (besides greywater) should be avoided.

Please note that the water holes at Headstone and Kingston, have been locked and keys will be issued to owners of livestock.

If you need a key these can be collected from James Quintal in his office in the Munnas building his mobile is 53100 or PJ Wilson from the Waste and Environment Office in the Airport Car park and his phone is 55254.

Commercial growers who also may be in difficulties should contact customer care.

PJ Wilson


8 February 2019