Waste Management Update

Waste Management - A Community Responsibility

Where are we now?

On Monday 16 October, the Norfolk Island Regional Council held a community meeting to provide an update on Waste Management and to ask the community for their ideas and input on waste matters into the future.


Updates on the below points were provided:

  • A high density horizontal baler, mini sort line and bale wrapper has been ordered through Waste Initiatives. Configuration of equipment within Waste Management Centre is now complete. Manufacture of equipment will commence in October 2017.
  • The tender process for an aerated composting system, or other suitable composting technology, is underway and the tender specifications will be open for tendering by November 2017.
  • Fees for the disposal of non-recyclable waste commenced in August 2017 to generate income to cover the costs of managing waste at the Waste Management Centre.
  • Council is on track to achieve the Operational Plan target of ‘no waste disposal into the sea by June 2018’.
  • Waste Management Centre Layout and Floor Plan provided.

To read the full update, please click on the document below titled '16.10.17 Community Meeting - Waste Management' and for a full overview of the meeting be sure to check out this weeks Mayor's Media Release which will be loaded onto the Council Website this Friday 20 October and in this weekend's Norfolk Islander.