About Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a sub tropical island located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 1, 600km north-east of Sydney, 890km north-east of Lord Howe Island and 1,100km north-west of Auckland. The Island is approximately 8km long and 5km wide totalling an area of 3,455ha. At the time of the 2016 Census the resident population was roughly 1750 people.

Norfolk Island is an External Territory under the Authority of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) is the responsible Local Government entity.

The currency used is the Australian dollar. Both the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Bank have branches located in the main township, but only one ATM is available at the Commonwealth Bank. Major credit cards are accepted by most retailers on the island.

The climate is subtropical with temperatures ranging from 19-28° in Summer and 12-21° in Winter. The water temperature ranges from 19-22° seasonally.

Telephone / Mobile Phone
A local mobile phone service is available by purchasing a local sim card. Global roaming is also available for some of the larger phone carriers, please check with your provider.

Internet Wi-Fi cards are available for purchase for use at hot spot areas around the island. These can be purchased through the Customer Care offices on New Cascade Road or at other local businesses such as Paw Paws Pump Shed, P&R Groceries and The Trading Post Newsagency.

News and Media
Local newspaper, The Norfolk Islander, is published every Saturday. Online media outlet Norfolk Online News also regularly publishes news stories.

Radio Norfolk (89.9fm) is broadcast daily.

The Island receives Australian digital TV channels.

Customs and Quarantine
From 1 July 2016 the Australian Biosecurity Act 2015 applies to movements onto Norfolk Island. Biosecurity import conditions also apply to all goods arriving onto Norfolk Island. You must declare certain food, plant material (including wooden articles) and animal products on your incoming passenger card. Ask a Biosecurity officer upon arrival if unsure.

Entry/Passport Requirements
From 1 July 2016 travel to Norfolk Island from an Australian Port is considered domestic travel however, a valid Passport remains the preferred method of identification. There are no changes to requirements for those passengers travelling from New Zealand.

For additional information please see https://regional.gov.au/territories/norfolk_island/governance/domestic-travel.aspx

Getting here.
Air New Zealand operates flights from Sydney on Sunday, Monday and Friday, and from Brisbane on Tuesday and Saturday. For current flight information visit the Air New Zealand website.

Some cruise ship companies do include visits to Norfolk Island as part of their itinerary.

Getting Around
A hire car is the most practical way to get around and a current driver’s license is required. General speed limit is 50 km/hr, reduced to 40 km/hr in Burnt Pine and 30 km/hr in the school zone. Livestock roam freely on the roads and have the right of way. Drivers wave to passing vehicles, this is called the ‘Norfolk wave’. There is a taxi service available and push bikes can be hired from local retailers.

The main language spoken is English, but often you will hear the islanders speaking the local language (Norf'k) which is a mix of Tahitian and Old English inherited from the Bounty descendants.
Watawieh? - How are you?
Thaenks f ucklun - Thanks for us
Si yorlyi morla - See you tomorrow

Medical treatment, including emergency medical treatment on Norfolk Island is covered by Australian Medicare and in some instance your private health insurer (always check with your provider prior to travelling). Visitors who do not have a Medicare card are strongly encouraged to obtain private travel insurance.

Australia Post provides postal services on Norfolk Island and is located within P&R Groceries, on the corner of Taylors road and Ferny Lane.

Traditionally, most shops close on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Supermarkets and a selection of retailers and Cafe's are open 7 days a week.

On the weekends there are two markets. The Saturday Farmer’s Market operates from 7:30am - 10:30am and the Sunday Arts and Craft Market from 8:30am - 11:00am. Both are located in the Bicentennial Complex in Burnt Pine.

Visitors Information Centre
Located in the Bicentennial Complex, Taylors Road, the centre is open 7 days a week from 8:30am. More information on Norfolk Island can be obtained by visiting the Norfolk Island Tourism website or by contacting one of the friendly staff for more assistance.

Phone: +6723 22147,
AUST: 1800 214 603,
NZ: 0800 667 365

Email: nitourism [at] nirc.gov.nf

Website: http://www.norfolkisland.com.au/

Norfolk Island Flag

The Norfolk Island flag was adopted by statute, the Norfolk Island Flag and Public Seal Act 1979 (NI).  The Act provides that the flag shall be divided vertically into three panels.  The two outside panels of green with a slightly larger middle panel of white and green with the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) centred in this panel.