Time Zone Community Survey

The Norfolk Island time zone (NFT) was amended from +11:30 GMT to UTC +11:00 in October 2015. Norfolk Island is now aligned with New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands. This change was initiated after consultation with communications and electronics experts identified issues with Norfolk Islands time zone in relation to technology. Norfolk Island now falls within 3 minutes of its true solar time (29.0333°S, 167.9500°E) and is identified internationally as a recognised UTC time zone. Norfolk Island does not participate in daylight savings.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is no longer a time standard, but rather a time zone which is used by only a few countries in Western Europe and Africa. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the standard 24-hour time zone system used throughout the world today, and that which is defined in the Norfolk Island Standard Time Ordinance 2015 as applicable to Norfolk Island.

Council resolved at the Ordinary Meeting held 28 June 2017 ‘That the Norfolk Island Regional Council conducts a community survey to determine a preferred Norfolk Island time zone.’

Surveys can be obtained in hardcopy format from Customer Care and submitted by

Post to:            Norfolk Island Regional Council, PO Box 95, Norfolk Island 2899

In person to:    Customer Care, 9 New Cascade Road

By email to:     regionalcouncil [at] nirc.gov.nf

The survey can also be completed online by visiting the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/norfolktimezone.

The survey closes at 4:00pm on 25 August 2017.

In order to help us collate accurate survey data only one survey is permitted per person. To validate this we require participants to put their name and address information on the survey. Any submissions which do not contain this information will not be collated. If you wish to add more information please attach a separate blank page to this survey and submit along with the completed survey.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, contact Customer Care on Freecall 0100 or +6723 22244.