Waste Management

Managing wastes in isolated communities such as Norfolk Island poses significant challenges, as many of the conventional solutions used on the mainland are not feasible in this unique Island environment. Waste Management is coordinated at the island’s Waste Management Centre, which is a drop-off location for residents to take all their waste. Waste is deposited into separate chutes depending on the type of waste being deposited. The officers at the Centre process waste as follows:

  • Glass is crushed and sold to the public when available
  • Aluminium cans are crushed, stockpiled and exported for recycling
  • Car batteries are stockpiled and exported for recycling
  • Asbestos is stockpiled and exported for disposal
  • General household refuse, including paper, cardboard and plastic, is taken to Headstone, burnt and the ash deposited into the sea

Council is working hard to meet its’ mid-2018 deadline of no ocean outfall

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Waste Management Centre
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