Our Complaints Process

The Norfolk Island Regional Council recognises that there are occasions where complaints may arise against Council services or employees by members of the public or other organisations.

Clear guidelines and procedures have been developed to ensure that complaints are investigated in a confidential, professional manner within a reasonable timeframe, and that the service area or employees are given the opportunity to respond to complaints made against them.

Complaints should be submitted in writing using the prescribed forms and directed by email to regionalcouncil [at] nirc.gov.nf (subject: Lodgement%20of%20Complaint%20) (Councils Complaints Officer)

Please note that any complaints about a statutory officer decision or action taken or being taken under a particular law (e.g. workers compensation or police prosecutions) should not be made to the Council as Council usually cannot control, override or discipline anyone for independent statutory officer legal decisions or actions.  In most instances, the particular statute law under which such decision or action is taken will usually have a statutory process for seeking review or for appealing any decision or action taken.
Complaints about employment (other than workers compensation) should now be directed to the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission in Australia while Norfolk Island workers compensation disputes are still required to be dealt with by the Employment Conciliation Board and, if unable to be resolved, by the Employment Tribunal of Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island Regional Council Complaints Handling Policy