Origins of our logo

The Norfolk Island Regional Council came into effect on 1 July 2016 and as such required a new logo. The Norfolk Island community were given the opportunity to submit logo ideas to Council.

A number of submissions were received and the winning design was submitted by Natasha Arnold.

Natasha explained that ‘the red tailed tropic bird is very significant to Norfolk Island and can be found at several distinct spots around the cliff tops where they nest. They are a very striking bird and - like many born and bred Norfolk Islanders - are strongly connected to both the land and the sea. By that I mean the bird feels safe and comfortable on our shores, yet adventurous and brave enough to explore new territories and elsewhere as part of life’s journey. Something I’m sure many locals can identify with.’ 

On detailing her use of the pine Natasha points out, ‘a young, strong, healthy looking pine could again come to be seen as a way Norfolk can stay young at heart, strong right to the core, and healthy because of its beautiful and unique environment, which of course must be protected and continued to be taken care of for future generations of islanders to enjoy what we now do. The roots of a pine also spread down deep into the heart, providing stability, understanding of the Norfolk Island heritage, and again strength in an individual sense but also in a community; respectfully sharing the earth and ground with others.’