Operational Plan 2018-2019

This is the third Operational Plan developed for the Norfolk Island Regional Council, and therefore the third year of the Delivery Program which is the project plan that was developed by the Councillors for their term in Council.

The key projects that were planned for in the first year, and tendered for in the second year, will be progressed and/or executed in the third year. These key projects are:

  • Waste -  project to ensure the discontinuation of burning and dumping of waste into the sea
  • Airport – apron, taxiway and runway rehabilitation
  • Sewer treatment – develop a strategy and determine best solution
  • Telecommunication – 3G/4G project
  • Electricity – progress the Energy Solution project

Each of these government business areas are delivered on the premise of “fee for services” and they have been budgeted to break even, or with the aim of a surplus budget (any surplus will in the future pay for the upgrade of related assets).

The Waste Management budget was the most challenging to balance due to the cost of bailing and shipping legacy waste, such as asbestos, off the island. Therefore, the deficit in this fund had to be off-set by savings in other areas, supported by the general fund that is offset by the financial assistance grant.

Council was successful in obtaining a 50% contribution to the Tourism Marketing fund with $385,320.00 from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities which means that Council can continue to deliver Tourism Marketing at the same levels as the previous year. Tourism is the backbone of the Island’s economy and Council remains committed to supporting the industry. This commitment is further highlighted with the introduction of negotiated rebates on the Regular Passenger Transport charges for commencing air services on currently un-serviced routes.

The social and environmental areas of the Plan will address advocacy roles relating to education, training, health, and well-being; the completion of the Environment Strategy, and the focus on clean water and pests and noxious weed eradication. Heritage and Culture features in its own chapter and governance and leadership includes the continuation of a transparent and accountable Local Government.

The activities in this Operational Plan for 2018/2019 are too numerous to mention in an introduction, however Council continues to focus on the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan with the aim to be the “Best Small Island in the World”.

Lotta Jackson


The Operational Plan includes Activities, the Revenue Policy, Council fees and charges, the Budget for 2018-2019 and the Rating Structure. To view the full Operational Plan, please visit - http://www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/your-council/council-documents/plans