CSIRO Norfolk Island Water Resources Assessment (NIWRA) project

CSIRO Norfolk Island Water Resources Assessment (NIWRA) project
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The purpose of the CSIRO Norfolk Island Water Resources Assessment (NIWRA) project is to provide information to assist the whole community to adapt to increasingly dry conditions. Residents and businesses will be able to take informed action to increase water security, individually and collectively.
The CSIRO has established a Community Steering Committee for any member of the public wishing to be involved in steering the project. To join the Community Steering Committee or more information on the project, please contact cuan.petheram [at] csiro.au (subject: CSIRO%20Norfolk%20Island%20Water%20Resources%20Assessment%20Project)

The NIWRA will also assist Emergency Management Norfolk Island (EMNI) to work with the community, guided by a local government emergency management framework and with assistance from the Australian Government, to put in place measures to respond to the risk of a water-related emergency. For information about how EMNI will use this information, please view the EMNI Media Release: http://www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/services/emergency-management

The NIWRA project will also help guide how both Norfolk Island Regional Council and the Australian Government can:

  • increase water security for essential services and facilities
  • best support the community’s efforts to increase water security.

Locals with interest and/or relevant knowledge and expertise have been engaged to work alongside the CSIRO scientists, with the intention of building local capability to enable an ongoing monitoring program. 
The CSIRO will continue to progress this work in 2020. Information gathered will not only be fundamental to accurately assessing the surface and groundwater resources of Norfolk Island but will also play an important role in regaining a valuable legacy dataset for the community of Norfolk Island.

Learn more at https://www.csiro.au/en/Research/LWF/Areas/Water/Assessing-water-resources/Norfolk or call Snowy Tavener on 50558.