COVID-19 Travel Information and Entry Pass

Please note that the advice on this page will be reviewed and updated regularly by the Emergency Management Team (EMT). Last updated Thursday 22 January 2021

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Update Thursday 22 January 2021

Requirement for self-isolation for travellers from some of the Greater Sydney area remain.

EMT considered the existing requirement for travellers from some Sydney LGA’s to undergo local self-isolation for 14 days upon arriving in the island. It was decided to keep this requirement in place until there are 14 days of no community transmission in the area. Based on the most recent information the last locally acquired case was on January 12th. Providing there are no new locally acquired cases in the currently restricted areas the local self-isolation requirement will be lifted from Tuesday January 26th.

The areas to which the self-isolation requirement applies is for travellers to the island from the following LGA’s: -

City of Blacktown

City of Canada Bay

City of Canterbury-Bankstown

City of Fairfield

City of Parramatta

Cumberland Council

Inner West Council

Municipality of Burwood

Municipality of Strathfield

Hot spots and travel restrictions to the island.

At today’s meeting it was agreed that when a cluster is identified in an area EMT will declare that area a hot spot with respect to travel to the island. Upon the area having no further locally acquired cases for 14 days the hot spot declaration will be removed. It is anticipated that this approach will provide some clarity going forward with respect to the island’s travel restrictions.

Travelling from Norfolk Island to other States and Territories

For the purposes of travelling to other States and Territories Norfolk Island is generally not regarded as part of NSW and for COVID-19 purposes operates as a separate jurisdiction. Since there has been no cases of COVID-19 on the island it is regarded as an exceptionally low risk location.

It is important that you check the entry requirements of the jurisdiction that you are travelling to when leaving the island. The requirements are often changing daily, and it is important that you check them before departing. EMNI and EMT has no control over the requirements that are placed by other jurisdictions and therefore cannot aid in individual travellers’ difficulties in Australia.

Accessing essential services whilst in self-isolation

If you are undergoing self-isolation on the island and there is a requirement to access essential services (tradesman etc.) there are protocols that were established early in the pandemic to ensure that you can obtain the service whilst protecting personnel and the community.

If you are in isolation and need these services, please contact the Incident Controller who will ensure that the appropriate service provider can enter your property and undertake the work consistent with COVID safe protocols.

For any questions about the COVID-19 response on Norfolk Island, please visit the Norfolk Island Regional Council website: in the first instance or contact Detective Sergeant Glenn Elder, IMT Incident Controller at IO-Norfolk-Island [at] or +6723 22222.


Update Thursday 14 January 2021

Update regarding travel to Norfolk Island from the Greater Sydney Area

At today’s meeting the EMT agreed to ease the requirement for local isolation associated with travellers from NSW. Travellers from the Central Coast, Wollongong and some parts of Sydney will no longer be required to undertake self-isolation on the island. The Northern Beaches LGA is also no longer regarded as a hot spot. However, travellers from the following areas of Greater Sydney are still required to undertake self-isolation on arrival.

City of Blacktown

City of Canada Bay

City of Canterbury-Bankstown

City of Fairfield

City of Parramatta

Cumberland Council

Inner West Council

Municipality of Burwood

Municipality of Strathfield

The areas covered by this requirement can be found at:- COVID19 Hotspots Declared by NT CHO – Google My Maps. Travellers from NSW currently undertaking self-isolation on the island that are not from the areas in which restrictions still apply have the remainder of their self-isolation requirement lifted.

The easing of self-isolation requirement of travellers is consistent with the continuing low level of community transmission in both NSW and Queensland. Travellers from the unrestricted areas present a low risk to the community and the easing is consistent with the approach being followed by some other jurisdictions.



There are no current restrictions on travel to the island from Victoria. Travellers from the Greater Melbourne Area may be required to have a test on arrival and isolate until they receive a negative result if they have not done so prior to travel.

Victorian public exposure sites can be found at:


Travellers from other States and Territories are not required to undertake self isolation. Those transiting through Sydney Airport may stay overnight, provided that they stay at an airport hotel.


For any questions about the COVID-19 response on Norfolk Island, please visit the Norfolk Island Regional Council website: in the first instance or contact Detective Sergeant Glenn Elder, IMT Incident Controller at IO-Norfolk-Island [at] or +6723 22222.


All passengers seeking to enter Norfolk Island are required to complete an Entry Pass Application 24 to 72 hours prior to flight departure. Each person requires their own pass, including children. A parent or guardian may complete the Entry Pass Application on behalf of a child or a person with impaired capacity.

Before applying for an Entry Pass, please check if you have been in a hotspot area in the last 14 days.

If you are completing an application on behalf of another person, please provide your own contact details in Step 1. You will be asked to enter details of the individual in Step 2.

Please note that anyone who does not meet Entry Pass requirements who arrives on Norfolk Island may be required to leave the island or be placed into quarantine at their own cost.

There are no requirements for a permit to leave the island, however individual States and Territories may have their own entry requirements.




What is the purpose of the Entry Pass System?

To screen and identify high-risk travellers so they can be denied access to Norfolk Island and to allow us to track inbound travellers, should a positive case of COVID-19 be identified.

How does the Entry Pass System work?

It is an automated system that allows high risk cases to be identified and manually screened by the IMT. Low risk travellers will be automatically and instantly approved provided they meet Entry Pass requirements.

High risk cases may take up to 24 hours to process. Applicants requiring urgent Entry Pass screening (within 24 hours of flight departure) will need to contact the Incident Controller directly to accelerate the process. Phone: +6723 22222 Email:IO-Norfolk-Island [at]

Who shouldn't travel to Norfolk Island?

Anyone who has been overseas (other than New Zealand) or in a COVID-19 Hotspot area within Australia or New Zealand within 14 days prior to travel, or who has COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with symptoms should contact their local medical facility for advice.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • runny or blocked nose 
  • loss of sense of smell or taste

Where can I travel to from Norfolk Island?

States and Territories set their own requirements. There are flights departing Norfolk Island to both NSW and QLD. For information regarding current restrictions in these States:



For Federal information regarding travel to other States and Territories, go to:

Can I travel to Norfolk Island from New Zealand?

There are currently no direct flights from New Zealand to Norfolk Island, however travellers from New Zealand are able to enter Norfolk Island via Australia without having to undergo quarantine, provided they meet the Norfolk Island Entry Pass requirements.

Are there any cases of COVID-19 on Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island currently has no known cases of COVID-19.

What do I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19 while on Norfolk Island?

Please avoid contact with others and contact the Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) immediately on +6723 22091. In the event of an emergency call 000.

Are businesses on Norfolk Island required to have a COVIDSafe Plan?

Yes, businesses are expected to have COVIDSafe Plans and to follow the National COVID-19 Safe Work Principles to ensure that workplaces are healthy and safe for residents and visitors.

What are the measures that are currently in place on Norfolk Island to keep travellers and the community safe from COVID-19?

You can read Norfolk Island’s current safety and social distancing requirements.