COVID-19 Community Support Resources

The Norfolk Island Regional Council is providing both the community and businesses with support in response to COVID19. This includes financial relief through the Norfolk Island Community Support Package, assistance and support with paying fees, legislation support, advocacy for access to support services and healthcare, tourism destination marketing and promotion, as well as business support. See below for more information on the support available.

Mental health and wellbeing information and support in response to COVID19 is also available through community and government organisations. For more details on what’s available and who or where to go for more information or help, click on the link to the directory list of services below.

Financial relief and fee support

The Norfolk Island Community Support Package provides members of the community with financial relief in response to COVID19 through the waiver and discount of some Council fees during the last quarter of the financial year (April - June 2020). The package includes:

  • Land rates - a 20% discount on amounts paid on, or before, the due date of 31 May 2020
  • Electricity - a 20% discount on invoices paid on, or before, the due date of 30 April 2020
  • Water assurance - a 100% waiver of fees for businesses for the six month period 1 January 2020 - 30 June 2020
  • Lighterage - a 20% discount on accounts raised from March 2020 and paid on, or before, the due date
  • Telecom - a one off $50 credit per customer on home line, calls or data
  • Radio Advertising - free radio advertising for the period April 2020 - 30 June 2020
  • Waste management centre - a free $20 waste booklet available from customer care
  • Waste management centre (commercial) - all commercial waste fees are waived for the month of April 2020
  • Merchant fees - credit card merchant fees are waived until 30 June 2020

For more information in relation to the Community Support Package, please contact Customer Care by emailing customercare [at] telephone 0100 (free call).

If you are having difficultly paying your accounts, you may consider applying for financial hardship and/or entering into a payment arrangement. Hardship application forms are available online or, a copy can be collected from Customer Care.

Tourism and business support

The Visitors Information Centre (VIC) is providing tourism business support including:

  • the Buy Local Norfolk Island Facebook page, to support and promote Norfolk Island businesses and to encourage locals to spend locally
  • tourism and accommodation business suggestions during the travel ban
  • free webinar training for local businesses e.g. Bookeasy training
  • information on managing booking enquiries and amendments, and
  • ongoing regular maintenance and updating of their website and, other information

The Visitors Information Centre is also focusing on destination promotion and marketing including:

  • promoting open spaces and the natural beauty of the island showcasing accommodation and activities for solo travellers, couples and families
  • targeting mindfulness and wellness
  • developing inspirational stories, images and videos, and
  • encouraging travel planning now, to visit later.

For more information on Council’s tourism business support contact the Visitors Information Centre on nitourism [at]

Commonwealth and legislative support

Council is continuing to work in partnership with the Commonwealth government in providing legislative support, for example, some motor vehicles are exempt from registration during the declared state of emergency. Council is also proactive in advocating for services such as social support and healthcare.

For more information on Commonwealth support, contact the Office of the Administrator on phone 22152 or email office.administrator [at] (subject: COVID-19)