COVID-19 Advice for Norfolk Island

Please note that the advice on this page will be reviewed and updated regularly by the Emergency Management Team (EMT). Last updated on Sunday 28 February 2021.
To stay up to date with COVID-19 information for Norfolk Island, visit this page regularly and/or follow the Emergency Management Norfolk Island Facebook page.

State of Emergency

Due to the threat posed by COVID-19, a State of Emergency remains in force on Norfolk Island until 30 June 2021, or until revoked.
The Norfolk Island COVID-19 Recovery Operations Plan will remain in place during the state of emergency.

Travelling to Norfolk Island
All visitors and travellers to Norfolk Island MUST apply for a NORFOLK ISLAND TRAVEL PASS.
You will find more information about travelling and applying for the Travel Pass here.

Updated Thursday 25 February 2021

Travellers on the island from New Zealand.
The Commonwealth Government has declared Auckland a hot spot from 11:59 last night. This means that anyone who has been in Auckland in the last 14 days will not be permitted to board a green flight to Australia. Auckland airport for the purposes of travel is exempt. This means that, until lifted, travellers from Auckland will not be permitted to travel to the island.
This has resulted from concerns about community transmission of a variant strain of the virus in Auckland. EMT has decided that anyone who is currently on the island and has been in a listed location of interest must self-isolate and get tested by NIHRACS. The list of locations of interest is published by New Zealand Health at (
In addition, anyone who has arrived on the island from New Zealand since the 20th of February is required to get a COVID test at NIHRACS.

Please read more information here.

Safety & Social Distancing Requirements
Find out more at our COVID-19 Safety and Social Distancing Requirements page or our in our latest media releases.

Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Norfolk Island
The Emergency Management Team (EMT) and Incident Management Team (IMT) were established by the Emergency Management Committee (EMNIC) to manage the State of Emergency declaration for the COVID-19 pandemic. They were established under the island’s disaster management plan (NORDISPLAN).
The EMT is chaired by the Emergency Controller and is responsible for strategic operational decisions. It has appointed representatives who provide advice from NIHRACS, business, welfare, the community, NIRC and the Office of the Administrator. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC) is an observer.
The IMT is responsible for operational management of the pandemic and is led by the Incident Controller who for the pandemic is the OIC of Police. It is set up in functional areas covering medical (NIHRACS), welfare, planning & logistics, and operations.


General enquiries: Incident Controller - Detective Sergeant Glenn Elder +6723 22222
IO-Norfolk-Island [at]
Welfare enquiries (mental health/ financial support): Welfare Officer - Hayley Evans +6723 0100 or +6723 52777
hayley.evans [at]

Health enquiries: Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) +6723 22091

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