Statutory Appointments

The appointment of statutory officers is made under Legislation (Acts).
The Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) inherited a number of statutory positions under Acts from the previous Territory Government (Norfolk Island Administration - NIA) and therefore has a number of statutory appointed officers dealing with laws and administrative decisions not necessarily within the usual functions or responsibility of a local council. This list is published in accordance with the requirements of the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.
Statutory officers (even if they are Council employees) cannot be directed by the Council or the General Manager or the Administrator / Commonwealth Minister in regard to the performance of any statutory office functions or powers or in regard to any statutory decisions to be made.
The list is currently under review and may not necessarily be completely up-to-date as Norfolk Island laws and statutory offices are rapidly changing.
For information on persons holding statutory appointments and applications to fill statutory office vacancies as they occur, please contact regionalcouncil [at]