About Council

The Norfolk Island Regional Council commenced 1 July 2016 and consists of five representatives (Councillors) who are elected for a four year term. The Norfolk Island Regional Council is unique in that it provides a broad range of services to the community of Norfolk Island and are contracted to provide Commonwealth funded state services which include: land titles registration, motor vehicle and drivers licence, Courts and Legal services, Companies registration and Ports Management to name a few. The full list of services is available by visiting the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications website.

The day to day management of Council is the responsibility of the General Manager who reports to the Councillors. The General Manager is supported by three executive managers.

Vision, Mission and Values


Norfolk Island – the Best Small Island in the World


“If a concerted effort were made, backed by larger financial resources, the community could turn the very small area of the island to its own advantage by converting Norfolk Island into ‘the best small island in the world’, a model haven of considerable beauty, of unique historical interest, of a thriving community, and of rest and relaxation – which are the objectives of the overwhelming mass of the tourists who make the journey to its shores.”. (Professor G J Butland - Population Study of Norfolk Island dated 31 March 1974 commissioned by Commonwealth Government)


The Norfolk Island Regional Council will provide local civic leadership and governance through good decision making, accountability and transparency.

We will protect and enhance our unique culture, heritage, traditions and environment for the Norfolk Island people. We will do this through promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, by looking after our community assets, and by fostering a prosperous economy.


The Norfolk Island Regional Council embraces the following values that were developed in a work-shop with the Councillors (I CARE):

I ntegrity
C ommunication
A ccountability
R espect
E xcellence