Community Services Offered by Radio Norfolk

Swap Shop
Swap Shop is a free Radio Norfolk service that allows the community to easily buy and sell their items. If there is something you need or want to sell simply email: radionews [at]

Swap Shop airs each week on Radio Norfolk:
Monday 8.10am
Wednesday 8.20am
Saturday 9.20am

Items will remain on Swap Shop for up to two weeks.

Birthday/Anniversary Requests
Requests for the abovementioned special days are played at 7.45am, every day Monday to Sunday. This is a special part of radio, whereby people of all ages tune in to listen to the requests.
Requests need to be lodged with the Radio Station by 5pm the day before they are to be played on air, in some instances they can be accepted no later than 6.30am, the day it is to be played.  This gives the announcer ample time to locate the song, and be ready to play at 7.45am.  
Requests can be emailed to radionews [at] or they can be written out and pushed through the slot in the door.  Alternatively, a voice message can be left on the answer machine of phone number: +6723 22137.

Radio Norfolk Programming at a glance
Monday to Friday breakfast shows are from 7am to 9.30am.

Monday to Friday morning shows are from 9.30am to 12pm.

Monday to Friday lunchbox shows are from 12pm to 1.15pm.

When the cargo boat arrives on island, the breakfast announcer commences work at least an hour earlier, in order to get the lighterage call out to all the workers and stevedores, so they know what time and what jetty, the ship will be unloading.

Rick Dees American Top 40 is aired Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm. This program is sponsored for the Norfolk community, and gives the listeners a taste of what is “tops in music” in the USA.  This is a proudly sponsored program.

The segment of a morning serial is aired at 10.30am every Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) and is a proudly sponsored program.

ABC news from Sydney, is aired at 11am Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

Radio New Zealand World and Pacific news is relayed at 8.30am, Monday to Friday. The satellite relay is transmitted over night every night in the AM band of 1566.

Non-stop music is relayed in the FM band of 89.9 from 3pm every day of the week