Community Cultural Satisfaction Survey

The Community Strategic Plan 2016 - 2026 (CSP) identifies Culture and Community as key aspects of Norfolk Island life that we love and are proud of. The CSP includes an objective of maintaining cultural expression by identifying and prioritising the cultural needs of the community.

A second ‘Community Cultural Satisfaction Survey’ is being developed as a part of Council’s Delivery Program 2016 – 2020 which specifies that two surveys are issued to the community during the Council’s term of office. This survey follows on from one conducted in the 2017/2018 year, the results of which were collated and reviewed, reported to Council and used to inform relevant strategies. 

The Operational Plan 2019 – 2020 identifies that ‘A cultural satisfaction survey based upon the ‘Heritage and Culture Strategy 2017 – 2020 (HCS), 4.2 What the Community Said’ be undertaken by 30 September 2019.  

The purpose of the second Community Cultural Satisfaction Survey is to provide a measure on how we as a community, together with Council, are resourcing, supporting and delivering on CSP, Strategic Direction 2 - A proud, diverse and inclusive community. We showcase our unique histories, cultures and people and Objective 3 – Cultural expression is maintained - How we will get there 3.1 to 3.4.  

The CSP – How we will get there states that:

3.1 All cultural traditions and practices in the Norfolk Island Community are recognised and acknowledged.

3.2 Uphold, respect, promote and encourage customs, culture, histories and traditions of all cultures and their contribution to the Norfolk Island way of life.

3.3 Support cultural expression by people from all backgrounds living on Norfolk Island including the support of contemporary events.

3.4 Identify and prioritise the needs of cultural expression.

Council acknowledges and recognises the naturally existing culture of the community of Norfolk Island for their support of community diversity including disaster relief, fundraising, meeting places, employment, church, sports and music.

Council’s support of cultural expression is recognised through resourcing, supporting and/or delivering community services, including the appointment of a Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee, maintenance of public spaces, providing support for grant funding opportunities, employment opportunities, stronger partnerships with community groups, and showcasing Norfolk Island’s unique culture. This fosters harmony in the community and provides valuable assets for tourism and the economy.  

The survey questions are aligned with the CSP and the HCS. Reference to the actions listed in the HCS, 4.2 What the Community Said’ in relation to culture is suggested. The survey format provides for written responses, allowing for substantial comment rather than ticking a box to indicate satisfaction levels and you don’t have to provide a response to every question. The information gathered will be used to inform the review and update of the HCS 2020 – 2024.

The survey is now available through Survey Monkey or in hardcopy from Customer Care. Submissions are due by 4:00pm Friday 4 October 2019 and can be completed online, paper copies returned to either Customer Care, via post to PO Box 95, or emailed to regionalcouncil [at]